First Responders

Wildlife First Responders Course 2019

Wildlife First Responders Course to be held February 23, 2019.

Registration deadline February 13th.

Thank you for your interest!

Back by popular demand! Have you ever wished you’d known how to handle a wildlife emergency? A baby rabbit caught by a cat? A hawk hit by a car on a roadside? Ducklings stranded away from their mother? Our 2019 Wildlife First Responder class will be held  Saturday, February 23 from 9am-4:00pm on the campus of Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. Tamarack’s live ambassador raptors and opossum will be available for participants to meet during the class.

This course will teach you when to intervene and when not to, and how to capture, stabilize and
transport injured wildlife to a rehabilitator. In addition to learning how to respond when encountering
wildlife in need, past participants have gone on to become phone helpline volunteers, transporters and
onsite volunteers.

The course cost is $40 and includes lunch.

Those wishing to volunteer answering phone calls on our helpline will receive a rebate of $20
when they begin volunteering in that capacity following the course. Previous participants are welcome to attend for a refresher at no cost if there is room ($10 if having lunch), but should register. Early registration is recommended.

What: Learn to be a Wildlife First Responder
Where: Quigley Hall Room 101 (Allegheny College), Allegheny Street, Meadville PA 16335 (Get Directions)
When:  Saturday February 23, 2019 9am-4pm.
Who: Adults
Fee: $40. Lunch included.

To Register:

Print or download the registration form , fill it out and mail it with your $40 check to the address shown on the form.  If needing to pay in cash, call the center for instructions. If the form is not available, call us and leave your name and address and we will mail you a copy of the form.

Our wildlife thanks you!

More information: Call Tamarack at (814) 763-2574

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